75% of your exhibit success depends on your stand team

3 Steps to getting a Balanced Stand Team

There is no greater asset to your exhibit than the team you have on the stand.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful or professional your stand design is, if there aren’t a team of capable staffers who can hook people onto the stand, quickly identify the hot leads and build strong relationships then you might as well not be there.

Male and Female Staff

Some visitors like to speak to men, others like to speak to women, so it makes sense to have both genders there.  This works even if the majority of your audience is almost all the same gender.

Virgin and Veteran Staff

I don’t mean young or old, or people who have or haven’t manned a stand before.  I mean people who have experience of selling at shows and those that are new to it.  It’s important to your business that the veterans can teach their skills to the virgins to keep your exhibit team fresh, remember people move on, get new jobs or move away.  Our top tip is to pick a team who actually want to be there!

The Selling Team

So you’ve picked your balanced male and female team, some virgins and some veterans, so what are they going to do when they have a hot lead?  They are going to introduce those people to the selling team.  A mix of your top people from various functions of your company means you can speak to potential customers about their needs no matter what phase of the buying cycle they are in.

All your individual staff need to have the right attitude, product, customer and industry knowledge and of course a very strong work ethic.  By having a good mix of the right people you’ll get a stronger team that produces even better results.