Am I your Ideal Customer? If not, who is?

Would you recognise your ideal customer if you saw one?

So many exhibitors and business owners, when asked who their product or service is for, say enthusiastically, “Everyone!” While your product or service may be used by everyone, everyone is not your customer.  Learning to identify your ideal customer and focusing on them will grow your business.  Focusing on everyone will only result in a fragmented message that no one listens to.

Instead, spend some time figuring out exactly who your ideal customers is.  The more you know about him or her, the better your ability to market to him/her becomes. Try to discover:

  • how old your ideal customer is
  • what level of income they have
  • what the family situation is
  • how much money they earn or which bracket they fall into
  • how do they spend their leisure time

As obvious as this sounds, it’s vitally important if you are to really make magical connections with your customer, the more focused you can be on serving this one customer, the more your sales will increase.