“Think Outside the Table!” Display for Effect

GinghamTableDisplay for effect  – “Think Outside the Table!

We couldn’t resist showing you this lovely table display, it certainly created the WOW factor.  Visitors were drawn to the beautifully colour coordinated display, with products grouped together so people could see exactly what was on offer. A lovely job!


“Think Outside the Table!” How wide and how high?

Ladder-TableWith a little bit of thought and “Thinking Outside the Table! could attract more customers than you thought possible.

WOW!… that’s the sort of reaction most of us would like to hear as someone spots your display.  If you’ve spent time and effort on creating, designing, making or preparing a service that you offer allow enough time to plan your display and do justice to your hard work.  A display should complement and highlight your work – here are a few important factors to consider:

Space: Use all the available space – “Think outside the table”. Is it possible to add a stand to the side or in front of the table?  Especially useful for selling cards or accessories, it may be possible to move the table so people can walk around your space, or rather than have the table wide end facing the visitors turn it around so the short end is facing you, this will leave you room to add extra display stands or banners.

Height:  Eye levels, you want people’s eyes to roam all around the space you have so don’t lay out your items flat, use furniture, props, boxes or shelving to create height.  Pop boxes under your table cover to create different levels – I always used the plastic boxes I transported my stock in, they were sturdy and practically damage resistant – I always recommend having at least two uses for things!

Access: Can people reach your items? Do you want people to?  Think of ways to maximise the number of people who can be at your table or space.  Picking up an item or being able to get really close to it can only help with a sale.  Table-tops shouldn’t be crammed so full that visitors can’t take it all in at once, this can intimidate them because often they don’t like to linger unless something really catches their attention.

Attraction:  Look around your home for items that you could use to display your items.  We’ve loved the idea of using this step-ladder – it really caught the attention of the visitors.

Working with Carole was very enjoyable she made what seemed a complex project easy to manage and fun …


Urban & Regional Property Services

“I hired Carole to advise on the launch and refurbishment of a heavily used link corridor in our multi-occupier building. Working with Carole was very enjoyable she made what seemed a complex project easy to manage and fun. She quickly grasped what the landlord wanted to achieve and worked within budget to provide a solution that everyone is pleased with.”  George Parker