Exhibiting – the Why?

Exhibiting – a unique opportunity

Regardless of where you display or present what you do, exhibiting offers unique selling opportunities.  It is one of the few avenues you have to meet face-to-face with visitors who have made a conscious decision, and paid, to be there.  They’re unique because buyers interested in your offering are coming to see you.  You’ll see more people in an hour that you do during a week in the field, so, it’s important that your display is memorable, your staff are quick to identify real buyers and skilled at avoiding the time-wasters.  That’s where we can help


Exhibiting – the What?

So, what’s exhibiting all about?

In its simplest terms, to exhibit is to put on a public display of what you do.  It’s the action you take when you have something important to say about that thing you’re passionate about – your business, your cause, your art or maybe your vision.  Visitors to exhibitions come because they are looking for something, it could be to get ahead of the competition or to satisfy a new or a desire – the important thing is they have pre-qualified and pre-selected themselves as buyers of what you do.  The challenge is to find the right venue and the right audience to display your thing.  That’s where we can help

Carole is, quite simply, a gem …


Rejoove“Carole is, quite simply, a gem. As a consultant she embodies all that the profession should be doing; thinking laterally, smoothing out obstacles, understanding issues involved and, vitally, finding solutions. She singlehandedly ensured our project ran as smoothly as possible; bringing new ideas to the agenda, speaking to the right people, advising on procedure and enabling information to be disseminated effectively and promptly – it all contributed to a very successful event.” Rebecca Tregarthen

A Powerful Tool

Exhibiting is a powerful marketing tool.

No other medium brings prospects to you. No other medium harnesses all five senses to make your company’s people, product and services come to life. And no other medium can help you accomplish so many goals within so many disciplines – including sales, marketing, customer relations management, market research, public relations and sales funnel building. You can reap huge rewards from event marketing.