All he had was a sample chair

We were set a task: how to display a single chair at an exhibition

Green Sofa exhibitOur carpenter client wanted to attend an exhibition to promote his new bespoke range of furniture. But, all he had was a sample chair.

We showed him this photo to demonstrate just how simple a stand could look to attract attention.

Your staff are the real HEROES!

Your exhibit staff are the key to your exhibiting success

Having a perfect stand is important, but more important to your success at the show will be your staff.

Give everyone a briefing session before the event.  Make sure they know:

  • your objectives
  • your target audience
  • the message you want to get across
  • how they’ll be contributing to the success of the show

They’ll also need to know how each one of them will have contributed (or not) to that success.

Don’t miss the FREE stuff

Read the exhibitor manual, getting as much information as you can is one of the keys to a successful exhibit.

Most event organisers will have a manual – read it – it sounds obvious but most organisers offer FREE PR support, a FREE profile on their website, FREE information in the event guide which is given to all visitors; even promotional things like website banners and email footers amongst other marketing opportunities for you.  By making the most of these additional freebies and providing news worthy information to the organisers you are already one step ahead of your competitors.