What’s the first thing you think of when someone says HOOKER?

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought of a position on the rugby field!

Like in rugby a Hooker in the exhibiting world is a very important role.  The Hooker can make the all the difference between a successful and a failed show.  As you know, exhibiting is a brilliant people-to-people medium where the quality of communication is critical. And, it’s your exhibition staff who are the real heroes and key to your exhibiting success – often that’s down to the role of the Hooker .  l.

In our experience exhibitors can spend more time on designing their stand than they do on preparing their staff.  There is nothing in an exhibit that can sell other than the people, everything in the exhibit, including the visual displays, samples or brochures are tools for the staff to use to engage, qualify, communicate and obtain a commitment from the visitor.

Now these people can perform their role much more effectively if you have fully trained Hookers.

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Are you missing the biggest marketing opportunity there is?

Are you failing to collect email addresses?

We all network and meet business associates on almost every day of the working week. But what do you do with the contact details that you collect? If only one of those contacts were to become a client or a customer it could make a huge difference to your business.

Imagine if once a week you could ring every one of your customers and tell them what you have on special offer the next week, or about the new line of dri-fit sports clothing that’s just come in, or maybe you’re demonstrating a new product at your next exhibition that would make all the difference to their profitability.  How do you think that would impact your sales?  Well, that’s what email marketing is all about.

If you’re not collecting email addresses from interested visitors to your stand or to your business or even through your website, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities on the internet.  Visitors who voluntarily provide you with their email address are giving you express permission to market to them.  They are pre-qualified sales leads, and much more likely to buy from you than a random visitor who finds his/her way to your business through an internet search.

It makes sense then that you should be cultivating this relationship right from the start.  Even when your traffic is low, the most important thing you can do for the future of your business is to begin building a list.

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