What Does It Take To Be A Champion Exhibitor?

Every so often you meet an exhibitor who is very different.  They radiate a mysterious strength, character and charisma that is seldom seen.  A visitor to a show (or a competitor) may not be able to put their finger on exactly what it is that makes this exhibitor stand out, but something special is definitely there; they are champion exhibitors.

Skeptics would say they had a better position at the venue, the light was better or they were close to the coffee bar, some would simply say ‘luck’ is what made them better than the rest. But if you had the opportunity to study a champion exhibitor you would find that everyone of them has certain characteristics that makes them stand out from the crowd.  They all take specific actions every day.  They all have similar patterns and belief systems.  They all talk alike.  They all have certain habits and it’s these traits that set them apart from the rest.

The 8 Traits of Champions:

1. Champions are positive thinkers; they believe in themselves.

Undoubtedly the most important quality that all champions share is unwavering belief that they will succeed.  No matter what obstacles they encounter, they always continue to think positive.  Without confidence, faith in your abilities, a positive mental attitude and the ability to plan for your future success you’ve defeated yourself before you even step into the exhibiting arena.

2. Champions visualise their success 

Champions understand the importance of positive mental imagery or visualisation.  They visualise exactly what they want their exhibit to look like and how it will attract their ideal customers, they see themselves with visitors all around, they mentally rehearse how they will turn their exhibiting goals into success and put in place the actions required to achieve it.

3. Champions surround themselves with positive people and avoid negative influences.

Champions keep themselves in a “positive shell” and do not listen to exhibitors who moan about not having enough customers, or the amount of people attending the show, or that the visitors might not be their ideal customers.  Because, if they did then there would be not one but two losers.

4.  Champions are goal setters

Champions realise that if they don’t know where they’re going, that is exactly where they’ll end up; nowhere!  Champions consistently set long and short-term goals.  From day to day work routines to planning and writing out specific, measurable goals with a deadline on how they are to achieve the success they want for themselves.

5. Champions are persistent

Champions never, ever quit.  Thomas Edison was the epitome of persistence: He conducted 10,000 experiments before finding a filament that would burn in the electric light bulb.  Champion Exhibitors approach their exhibit marketing with the same diligence as Edison.  They know that if they persist long enough, they will prepare and develop an exhibit plan that will succeed and succeed big time.

6.  Champions learn from their failures

If you’ve ever lost money at an exhibition (and some have lost  thousands, if not tens of thousands) see them as learning experience. Analyse ever aspect of the show; your goals, the function of your stand, your attraction factor, interactions with visitors, the stand team, and the follow-up process to see where you missed an opportunity to get that all important return on your investment and if you can’t quite put your finger on why it failed – give us a call and we’ll help you turn it around.

7. Champions strive for constant and never ending improvement

Champions are never satisfied with the status quo; they never rest on their laurels. Champions aim for small improvements every day in every way.  Champions are open-minded and are always looking for better ways to do things.  Although champions are always striving for more, they also realise that success on the event floor is a journey, so they enjoy every moment and savor every step along the way.

8. Champions are hard workers; they are willing to go the extra mile

Positive thinking, goal setting, visualisation, desire, persistence and enthusiasm are vital, but without action and hard work, these traits are all worthless.  Champions are hard workers.  Champions take consistent action and they are willing to do the things that others are not.  Champions think, plan, and practice for longer they have the willingness and sense to ask for support or education where they see gaps in their knowledge or skills – and they ask for it.