We had the best publicity ever …



Carole was an absolute pleasure to work with.  she kept all the stallholders well informed and provided us with some fantastic tips and advice! On the day, she was extremely helpful, ensuring we all got the best publicity, giving us advice, making suggestions and ensuring that we were well looked after throughout the day.  She definitely went over and above my expectations and can’t recommend her highly enough


What’s the Rule for Handing Out Literature?

If there was a rule for handing out literature, what would it be?

When in doubt hand out a brochure – that seems to be the approach many stand staffers take when they don’t know what to say.

Staff members who are unsure of what to do in the stand environment or feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, end up handing out literature or giveaway items just to keep occupied.  Literature acts as a barrier to conversations because the visitor just says ‘thanks’ and  they’ll look at it later!  Often these pricey pieces of promo are discarded at the first opportunity.  It is vital that people chosen to represent your business enjoy interacting with strangers and know what is expected of them while on the stand floor.

Are you Ignoring Visitors’ Needs?

Are you unintentionally ignoring the needs of the visitors to your stand?

We’ve just been at the Autumn Show and have some fabulous conversations with exhibitors. Some interactions were spot on and others unintentionally put us off.

Often staff members feel compelled to give the visitor as much information as possible.  They fail to ask about real needs and interest in the product they were providing.  They lack questioning skills and often miss important qualifying information.  Pre-show preparation and training is the key.

Going to a show like this is like being a child on Christmas morning. There are so many beautiful things to look at but not all were suitable for our client’s outlet.  Had the staff asked the right questions they could have left us to browse rather than keep trying to ‘sell’ what he didn’t want or need.  A key skill is to quickly identify who your buyers are and if that particular visitor isn’t a buyer just say, ‘it’s lovely to talk to you please enjoy looking at our products’ and move onto the next visitor.

Brilliant Autumn Fair at the NEC

Where can you buy the latest and most innovative products for the Christmas rush?

We’ve just spent the weekend indulging ourselves at the Autumn Fair International at the NEC. It’s the best show window to get your products in front of key decision makers in the run up to Christmas.  The show is attended by retail buyers that are serious about placing orders for Christmas and beyond. 82% of buyers have direct purchasing power and attended by everyone from the major multiples and department stores to the important independents.

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says HOOKER?

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought of a position on the rugby field!

Like in rugby a Hooker in the exhibiting world is a very important role.  The Hooker can make the all the difference between a successful and a failed show.  As you know, exhibiting is a brilliant people-to-people medium where the quality of communication is critical. And, it’s your exhibition staff who are the real heroes and key to your exhibiting success – often that’s down to the role of the Hooker .  l.

In our experience exhibitors can spend more time on designing their stand than they do on preparing their staff.  There is nothing in an exhibit that can sell other than the people, everything in the exhibit, including the visual displays, samples or brochures are tools for the staff to use to engage, qualify, communicate and obtain a commitment from the visitor.

Now these people can perform their role much more effectively if you have fully trained Hookers.

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